Mister Miracle by Tom King #1 – #6 (2017 – 2018) Breakdown [Part Two]

[Part One can be found here!]

Issue #4:

We return to Scott after his ordeal with Orion. Laying in bed recovering with Barda by his side. They are visited by Lightray, who informs Scott that after the events of the last issue, Scott is accused of being an agent of Darkseid and must stand trial or face execution. Furious, Barda sends Lightray way, covered in a few bruises. The pair spend their night in front of the TV, discussing the trial to come while still trying to hold on to a touch of normality.

Mister Miracle 04 (2018)

A full-page spread shows us Scott performing what could be his final show, before cutting to Scott and Barda’s apartment. I moment of fun before the trial. This brief interlude for Scott’s performance makes masterful use of the 3×3 page layout, especially in the use of space. Orion and his men arrive, and the trial begins in the comfort of the apartment’s living room.

Mister Miracle 04 (2018)sdfgsgsd

Orion appoints himself as Accuser, Defender and Judge as Highfather of New Genesis, announcing that Scott is on trial for Treason against Gods. On Orion’s command, Scott may only answer statements as true or false, that he must answer true to his own beliefs and not his doubts. As the questions go on, Scott struggles to clarify himself when answers are grey, punished for replying with anything other than True or False.

Orion: “You are an agent of Darkseid. True or False?”
Scott: “False.”
Orion: “Now. An agent of Darkseid would deny he was such an agent. True or False?”
Scott: “True.”
Orion: “An Agent of Darkseid would also accuse the Highfather of being an agent of Darkseid. True or False?”
Scott: “True.”
Orion: “You have made both of these statements today. True or False?”
Scott: “True”.

Orion continues to push Scott, until he finally snaps and makes Orion bleed. A god, the Highfather, bleeds. As Orion and the others leave, Barda cradles Scott in her arms.

Issue #5:

Scott and Barda, mostly in costume, are stood outside the Chinese theatre imprinting their hands in the pavement for the crowd, all the while their dialogue plays over the top. Debating what to do about Orion and how they stand by each other. They are met by Funky Flashman, an old Jack Kirby allegory for Stan Lee, who tries to spin a great angle on the events going on. Trying to turn his upcoming execution into a spectacle. Scott and Barda make it to their hotel room, a chance to finally relax and lovingly spend the night together.

Mister Miracle 05 (2018)

The next day, knowing what lies ahead of them, they decide to spend their day together. While stuck in traffic, Scott asks Barda if their Motherbox could play whatever song was playing when they first met, with Barda replying they met in the Pits. Scott jokingly has the box play the sound of screaming, and the two share a laugh while stuck in traffic. They have lunch, visit a fair, watch the sunset on a beach, and the night sky from the car, all the while discussing the nature of life, gods, and existence.

Mister Miracle 05 (2018)asdff

Back home and in bed, Scott is awoken by Funky Flashman and the executioners from New Genesis. Flashman continues his bravado while Scott grabs his costume. Taking a breath, Scott prepares to leave, before Barda takes out the executioners and Flashman, telling Scott only one thing.


Issue #6:

Body disposal is the first call of the day, the pair watching the remains burn away in front of them. They know what they need to do, and where they need to be.

Mister Miracle 06 (2018)adsfadf

Battling there way through New Genesis, fighting off guards, breaking down walls, and avoiding security systems abound. Barda takes this time to talk to Scott about remodelling the apartment. Talking about making the kitchen a little smaller while decapitating a guard. Arguing back and forth about how much space they really need even when danger is breathing down their neck. It’s when Barda brings up turning half of the Livingroom into a second bedroom, Scott questions why they are having this conversation.

Scott: “But… So we’re in the Living Room? Who’s in the new room?
Barda: “Next to the new Bathroom? It’ll be nice.”
Scott: “W-wait. Who’s in the… new Bedroom?”
Barda:” Scott. So. I’m Pregnant.”

Mister Miracle 06 (2018)dghdgfhgdfhgdfgd

When the coast is clear, Scott embraces his wife, and for the first real time since the series started. Scott is happy.

At the gate to the Highfather’s throne, Scott discovers the body of Orion mutilated on the floor.  Darkseid waiting. Darkseid is. As Barda enters, she finds Scott shaken to his core, sat on the throne, eyes wide open.

“I saw the face of god.”


6 issues in and Tom King has crafted a masterful tale of PTSD and depression like no other. With 6 issues still to come after the break, it’s anyone’s guess what else is instore for Scott Free. Mister Miracle. Super Escape Artist.

Mister Miracle 06 (2018)sgsdfgertsd


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