Even More HTML!

I know it’s  been several years since the first time I used it, but it feels like the corse the site provides is severely deminished. The site now includes ‘pro’ sections to each course, implying that they now keep their exercises and slightly more advanced methods on a paid route. The site is now harder to navigate to new exercises. While the site is more aestheticly pleasing, it seems to have exchanged this for accessability.

As the chapter on COMMON ELEMENTS begins, we are reminded that all content for the site being made must be placed within the opening and ending tags of the <body>.

Screenshot (1)


There are 6 different heading tags that can be used, with 1 being the biggest and 6 being the smallest. All are still bigger than the stand font size. Obviously, these are tagged with <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5> and <h6>.

Screenshot (2)

Next up, Paragraphs, Divs and Spans. To the best of my knowledge, I haven’t come across Spans, or at least it’s been a long time since I’ve needed them.

Paragraphs are just that. Paragraphs. The tag is simple and easy to remember, simply a <p>. These contain simple blocks of text. Divs are boxes that can be used to divide pieces of code within the body. Anything contained in <div> in held in it’s own box. This can be very handy for laying out the page. According to Codecademy, Spans contain short pieces of text or other HTML. They are primarily used to wrap small pieces of content that are on the same line as other content and do not break text into different sections. They are shown as <span>.

Example of <div>, <p> and headings:

Screenshot (3)

Next up is <em> and <strong> or ’emphasised’ and ‘strong’. <em> tags will put any text inclosed with in italics, while <strong> will put them in Bold.

Screenshot (5)



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