My Hero Academia: Season Two, Part Two

“For those that are already in love with the world and our students of the U.A. Academy, then this is a must in your collection!”

my-hero-academia-season-2-part-2-limited-edition-blu-raydvd.jpgIn the near future, 80% of the population is born with super human abilities. In a world like this, becoming a superhero is more than just a fever dream. Superheroes are everywhere. Working every day to keep the world safe. They are respected, and idolised, and none is more well-known than All-Might! The symbol of peace. Students all over Japan dream of getting into U.A. Academy, the number one high school for superheroes in training, none more so then Izuku “Deku” Midoriya. Unfortunately for him, despite spending his entire life studying and trying to understand what it truly means to be a hero, Midoriya is one of the 20% born without abilities. Constantly ridiculed by his classmates and those around him for ever thinking he could be a hero, Midoriya still studies hard in hopes of being the first U.A. Academy student without abilities. It’s during a fateful encounter with his idol All-Might, and his own heroism trying to save a classmate, that Midoriya’s life is changed forever.

Based on the manga by Kohei Horikoshi and published in the renowned Weekly Shonen Jump. The same magazine that gave us Dragon Ball, Death Note, Naruto and Haikyuu!!. My Hero Academia found its audience almost immediately, to the point that an anime adaptation was practically inevitable. It’s 13-episode first season exploded in popularity both in its native Japan and oversees thanks to Funimation’s simulcast. And now, coming off the amazing Tournament arc that makes up the first half of season two. Part two is back and in full force with a brand-new release from Funimation!


After the events of the tournament arc, it’s time for our heroes to go out into the world and get some real-life experience. Something every teenage high schooler either dreads or can’t wait for. Work Experience! But this is no ordinary work experience. Our heroes come face to face with their idols, learn more and more about their industry. Improve themselves in ways they couldn’t imagine, and even comfort a force more powerful then they could imagine. No one ever said work was easy, but when you come face to face with a dreaded, blood thirst serial killer, then you’re really put to the test!

Continuing its stunning animation change, season two, part two looks incredibly! Every punch, spark and movement are punctuated with exquisite detail. Iida in particular continues to benefit from this animation update, not only in the added hand gestures, but in the painful and determined looks upon his face during his arc. It’s clear that returning director Kenji Nagasaki is doing an amazing job.


This new release of Blu-Rays not only contains all 13 episodes remaining of season two, in both English and Japanese. But includes the San Diego Comic-Con: IGN Interview, Inside the Episode features from Funimation and the textless opening and closing songs.

Season Two, Part Two of My Hero Academia raises the stakes and the enjoyment to even greater levels. Amazing characters, action pact experiences, all time highs, and bitter sweet lows. For those that are already in love with the world and our students of the U.A. Academy, then this is a must in your collection! My Hero Academia: Season Two, Part Two is available for pre-order and due for release June 11th on Blu-ray and DVD.




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